CBD For Dogs With Separation Anxiety: What You Should Know

Fight your dogs separation anxiety with CBD

If you're ready to help your dog feel less anxious when left alone, it's time to start using CBD for dogs with separation anxiety.

Separation anxiety can be caused by several things, including boredom, loneliness, or even being abandoned by their owner. 

There are many distinct ways to help your dog deal with this anxiety, such as getting a dog sitter. But CBD has shown promise in helping pets, hence its rise in popularity in recent years.

In this post, I'm going to walk through what separation anxiety is. How CBD may be utilized to help your dog with its anxiety.

What Is Separation Anxiety?

Separation anxiety is when your dog starts whining and howling when left alone. Hence the dog is overly attached to its owner. It may cause dogs to suffer from panic attacks and obsessive-compulsive disorder.

A dog with separation anxiety will exhibit the following behaviors:

  • Being restless and pacing
  • Attempting to escape from home
  • No interest in food, treats, or eating
  • Trembling and pacing
  • Licking or chewing on themselves, the owner, or things like walls, doors, and cabinets 
  • When the pet owner arrives at home, the dog constantly follows you around 
  • Mood swings (usually an increase in excitement followed by an increase in anxiety)
  • Being distressed when the owner is preparing to leave
  • Extreme shyness or aggression (increased barking, growling, and snapping)
  • Pooping, vomiting, or peeing in the house 

Severe cases of separation anxiety can lead to constant barking and destructive behavior when left alone. Owners may also find it difficult to calm their dogs down when they get home because they do not want to be left.

How CBD for Dogs With Separation Anxiety May Help, and Does It Work?

If you have a dog with separation anxiety, CBD may be an excellent option.


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A study published in the Journal Frontiers in Animal Neuroscience found that a strain of cannabidiol (CBD) could help dogs with separation anxiety. 

The study described the effect of CBD on the fear and anxiety response of dogs. And in both dogs and other species, oral CBD administration was well-tolerated. Also, CBD has been shown to reduce anxious behaviors in mouse, rat, and human models.

Therefore the researchers found that CBD reduced separation-related stress responses in dogs. 

However, most research into CBD for dogs with separation anxiety has been mixed. Some studies have found that it can reduce the signs of separation anxiety, while others have found no effect at all.

Although some dogs experienced a reduction in signs of separation anxiety after CBD use, others did not show any improvement. It suggests that each dog may respond differently to the usage of CBD.

So CBD may be a great alternative to traditional medications for dogs with separation anxiety. Also, CBD is non-psychoactive thus the pet will not get high from using it like marijuana. It makes it safe for your dog and also much easier to administer than other options.

Thus CBD may work when dealing with separation anxiety of your dogs. Therefore, it is no surprise that many pet owners are opting to utilize CBD not only due to its popularity but various health benefits. 

Although you are using CBD for dogs with separation anxiety, you can implement other strategies that may help. It includes:

  • Training and teaching your dog that it is okay to be alone
  • Do not punish your dog due to this condition 
  • Exercise is helpful too due to its calming and relaxing effects
  • Hire a dog sitter if you go out for long periods


When using CBD for dogs with separation anxiety it will not only lead to a calm pet but a happy pet owner. Therefore separation from your dog will no longer be stressful. You won't be worried that your dog is trying to escape or being destructive in the house.

Yes, CBD may help but it is also crucial to consult your veterinarian on using CBD for pets. It will be in particular if you have been using other medications to help your pet's anxiety. 

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