CBD+Magnesium Cream

A combination of 2 powerful

ingredients for relief.

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300mg Full Spectrum CBD with CBG and CBC Dosing Finder Kit designed to find your perfect dose of CBD

CBD made Personal

Take the guesswork out of CBD with our groundbreaking kit.

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A feel-better routine, just for you

It starts with effective products, then moves beyond the bottle to a customized plan that helps you feel your best.

1000mg CBD + Magnesium Cream

Our world-class, Full-Spectrum CBD + Magnesium cream is formulated with a custom blend of CBD with added CBG & CBC, 2000mg of Magnesium Chloride, unique terpenes, along with soothing chamomile, rosemary and peppermint essential oils to bring you effective relief for joints and muscles.


2400mg of CBD with CBG and CBC to help with relief, calm and sleep from Function Botanicals

CBD Oil Tincture

Our organic, full-spectrum (non-intoxicating) CBD oil tinctures are custom blended with simple, effective ingredients to help you find relief and calm so you can get back to doing you.

With CBG, CBC and our tailored Terpene Blend.

600mg / 1200mg / 2400mg
(30% off ALL tinctures)


Dose Finder Kit box with 2 CBD tincture bottles and instructions to begin your dosage protocol

300mg CBD Dose Finder Kit

Goodbye, guesswork.
Our patent-pending kit and technology will guide you to discover your minimum effective dose: the least amount of CBD you can take for optimal results.

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300mg CBD in Salmon Oil for Pets 🐶🐱

We've taken our organically grown and produced CBD and combined it with Salmon Oil (high in Omega 3's, EPA and DHA), specifically for dogs and cats.

(30% off ALL tinctures)


Happy, healthy couple who use CBD for relief, calm and sleep.

Pain & Wellness Formula

Full-spectrum, whole plant medicine that balances the body and calms the mind

Your body is unique, your CBD routine should be too

Every body has a complex Endocannabinoid System (ECS) that regulates crucial functions, like mood, sleep and healing. CBD naturally integrates with the ECS to help it perform at its best. That’s why what works for someone else might not work for you.

We’re here to pioneer a new approach to CBD. One that’s powered by personalization and built on a belief that less is more.

300mg Full Spectrum CBD with CBG and CBC Dosing Finder Kit designed to find your perfect dose of CBD. For relief, calm and sleep.

How it works

Number 1. Get your benchmark when using the 300mg CBD Dose Finder Kit to find your perfect dose for relief, calm and better sleep.

Get your benchmark

Text “register” to 646-904-5911 or scan the Batch ID code on your package to complete a quick benchmark assessment.

Number 2. Follow your daily dose when using the 300mg CBD Dose Finder Kit to find your perfect dose for relief, calm and better sleep.

Follow your daily dose

For nine days, we’ll guide you through a gradual increase of CBD (called a “titration”) to find your Minimum Effective Dose.

Number 3. Get clinically validated self care when using the 300mg CBD Dose Finder Kit to find your perfect dose, and for relief, calm and better sleep.

Feel better, now

Get clinically validated self-care tips and connect with a clinician or therapist, if needed (coming soon).


Wow! Very impressed with how rapidly this worked and how effective it is. Def a keeper!

Stephen L

IThis product is amazing…. I’ve been using it for sports injuries and niggles…. but also have given it to my father who saw a big difference when using it to treat arthritis in his knees…. the combination of CBD and magnesium (which is depleted in today’s food chain) is a very powerful anti inflammatory.


Incredible product. It’s so helpful with recovery from workouts and running, I gave it to my trainer who uses it regularly. Also works very well on arthritis for my mom.

Paws Support CBD in Salmon Oil for Pets

Meet Bowie!

Head of our Paws Support Team


Is CBD Psychoactive?

No. CBD gives the benefit of using cannabinoids as a daily supplement without the psychoactive effect, or “High,” associated with THC.

Do you offer Free Shipping?

Yes! All orders are shipped FREE of charge USPS First Class Mail. If you'd like expedited shipping, you can make the adjustment at checkout and pay the added charge.

Where do you ship your products?

We can ship our CBD products to most USA states. We cannot, however, ship internationally at this moment.

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Hills of Colorado where Function Botanicals Full Spectrum CBD products are grown and produced.

USDA Organic

Whole-plant hemp organically grown in Vermont and CO2 extracted without chemicals