We’re personalizing CBD for collective wellbeing

With data as our guide, we develop effective formulations and personalized dosage guidance to help you feel better while answering big questions in support of cannabinoid research.

Happy, healthy couple who use CBD for relief, calm and better sleep.

CBD, tailored to you

CBD affects every body and every condition differently. How much should you take? Will it work for you? That’s always been a guessing game.

Close up image of Function Botanicals Full Spectrum CBD, oil with CBG and CBC, mixed with water.

Less is more

We believe in only using what’s essential, from our product ingredients to our dosage approach. That’s why our method centers around microdosing.

Because of an effect called “biphasic response,” a high dose of CBD doesn’t produce a stronger reaction in the body than a low dose—it produces the opposite reaction.

The key to unlocking CBD’s potential is in finding your minimum effective dose—the least amount you can take for the best results.

Vision of Community and nature. Multiple pairs of hands on a tree in Colorado where Function Botanicals Full Spectrum, organic CBD products are grown and produced.

The power of CrowdHealing

By helping you use CBD optimally, we’re able to create products with unparalleled effectiveness while paving the way for cannabis research. (Coming soon)

Hills of Colorado where Function Botanicals organic and Full Spectrum CBD products are grown and produced.

Hi, I’m Alastair, Founder and CEO

After a career as a rugby player, I suffered from serious injuries to my lower back and neck. I spent years recovering with the help of a chiropractor, traction, physical therapy and exercise. My condition improved, but I was left with low-grade back pain — until I tried CBD.

As I studied how cannabinoids work in the body, I finally had a better understanding of why CBD relieved my pain. But the more excited I got about the healing potential of CBD and other cannabinoids, the more frustrated I became by the massive knowledge gap in the industry.

It became my mission to start a company that paves the way for the true potential of cannabinoids as therapy, whether in your daily wellness routine or mainstream healthcare.