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CrowdHealing, one dose at a time

Breaking down barriers in cannabis research through community data with a purpose.

We believe in the healing potential of cannabis. Now, we’re out to prove it.

Mounting international research and anecdotal data suggests that cannabis (as in CBD from hemp and higher-THC medical cannabis) can improve the lives of people with chronic conditions.

But there’s still a lack of data and research in the US to support the integration of cannabis therapies in mainstream healthcare. We’re on a mission to change that.

Groundbreaking data, powered by you

As we guide you through your dosage plan, we compile anonymized information about how you’re feeling each day. This is the first ongoing real-world study to discover which cannabinoids and terpenes are most effective for which ailments, and at what dose.

This crowdsourced data makes it possible to:
- Develop more effective products to support your specific needs
- Help clinicians integrate cannabis into their treatment approach
- Partner with leading medical institutions in cannabis research


Join our community of CrowdHealing

‎ By participating in the dosage plan, you’re not only discovering how much CBD is most effective for your body— you’re paving the way for cannabis therapy in mainstream healthcare. Let's do this together!

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